About Us

Spiro & Associates - The Brand Architects
  • In The Beginning

    Christopher T. Spiro launches The Spiro Group in 1987 (incorporated in 1989) by himself out of rented desk space in his father’s print shop in Cape Coral. Within a couple of years he built a team of just a handful of people, focusing on exceptional ideas, quality creative, marketing messages that get attention and a commitment to superior client service.

  • A Turning Point

    After Chris’s mentor and business partner, William Waites, retires in 2002, the agency is renamed Spiro & Associates to reflect the depth of our staff and the family atmosphere that has blossomed. Over 30 team members are on board.

  • A Look Ahead

    Spiro & Associates will continue its journey of providing advertising, marketing, public relations and branding excellence, finding new paths and opportunities to grow and ultimately be the boutique agency for businesses that want to leverage our expertise and connections.