Logo Design

While Spiro & Associates has created national mar­keting campaigns for food manufac­turers, biofuel companies, homebuild­ers and others, our local client list is an eclectic collection of those who pro­vide a divergent array of products and services. The common thread for them all is the importance of their brand that distinguishes them from their competition.

As with any project, our Brand Architects® begin with solid research to learn all we can about your goals as well as your current brand effectiveness. If your business is a startup, we will develop a look and feel for your brand identity, which begins with a logo. Your logo is just one component of your business’s overall identity, but is at the foundation of it all. Essentially it becomes the visual identifier for your consumers. Whether your company has been in business for years and may need a refreshed logo, or you are just starting out and need an entire marketing plan, give us a call.

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