Media Planning & Buying

Our media department handles every facet of media, from planning and negotiating contracts to distribution to print and multimedia vendors. We’ll assess your advertising effectiveness to ensure the greatest possible return on investment.

Our veteran professionals are skilled at getting our clients top placement at the best investment. That’s because Spiro & Associates brings a powerhouse of volume media buying, as we are one of the largest media buying sources in our marketplace. Not only do we have the critical mass, but also the savvy to get the best ROI, most unique placements, and even new opportunities first because of our relationships.

From traditional media like TV and radio to cutting-edge digital strategies that include search engine marketing, geo-targeted and retargeted behavioral banner ad placement, we do it all. After placement our job isn’t over. We pour through the data and analyze how your marketing is being received, then modify or adjust the plan if needed.

The most creative concept will not help your business unless the right people get your message. Advertising is about being unique and your media placement should be too. This is where our media department excels. Our team has been on both sides of the selling and buying process so we get the right placement at the right investment. We have access to print advertising from small local publications to national magazines and everything in between.

Media Buying 101: Be as creative in your placement of advertising as in the creative work itself. The digital age has given advertisers that opportunity, to behaviorally target prospects with geo-targeted banner ads, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and retargeted banner ads that will follow your prospective customers around the Internet. Digital advertising can be confusing, but fear not, we explain your options in real words and recommend strategies that work.

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