Social Media

For most businesses, having a social media presence is an integral part of their overall success. But don’t just “have” a presence. Make sure you do something with it on a regular basis. At Spiro & Associates, we can manage your social media to help tell your business’s story with relevant messaging. From Facebook and Twitter to Google+ and YouTube, we’ll have you covered with the platforms that do you the most good. Below are some tips on how we can get started.

Set Goals

Together, we’ll determine what you want to achieve. Do you want to boost sales? Or is more brand recognition and awareness your goal?

Look at Other Businesses

We will take a look at other businesses in your industry to see what appears to be working for them. What type of content is getting the most reactions or posts? What do their customers embrace? For example, in some cases we have found that no matter how many contests a particular business wants to hold on social media, they received little to no response. But when we posted certain photos, their audience came to life with comments. We’ll test it to find out what your customers want to be social about and how they want to engage.

Choose the Platforms

You may not need all social media platforms, but typically we’ll start with Facebook and Twitter, the two most widely used sites, to determine what types of posts can help your business best. For some industries, such as jewelry, interior design and art for example, female-oriented platforms such as Pinterest would probably be on our radar at some point as well. Instagram, YouTube and Google+ will also be considered.

Be Cohesive

As professional communicators, Spiro & Associates will be responsible for your social media posting and management. While many people from your office may have great ideas to post – and we welcome them – having one person do the actual wording and posting will help maintain a consistent “voice” and style.

Evaluate Often

We will re-visit your social media engagement from time to time to determine what is working best for you and your audience, and re-tool if needed. The Agency will keep your goals front and center to be sure they are being met.

Realize of course that the ever-changing and ever-expanding world of social media requires frequent checks and balances.

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