TV & Radio

Television and radio commercials can be effective methods to mass-market a company, depending on your industry and target audiences. Spiro & Associates has been involved in TV and radio for more than two decades.

In addition to TV spots, the Agency is also seeing clients’ success from the use of pre-roll video – those messages or ads that run for five to 15 seconds prior to watching a YouTube spot for instance. The Agency creates pre-roll, along with display banners and theater advertising, to provide unique experiences for targeted consumers based on the clients’ needs and objectives.

For TV, Spiro & Associates stays on-site for the entire shoot to make sure your vision and brand are depicted the way we intend them to be. Afterwards, we’ll manage and oversee the editing and final production of broadcast-ready commercials.
Whether TV or radio advertising, we have significant experience with the entire production cycle —from scripting to selecting talent to post-production — our goal is to create messages that trigger responses from targeted audiences. Additionally, count on us for expert media planning and buying. We’ll get your spots seen by the optimal number of targeted viewers.

The Evolution of Television

It’s amazing when you look back at the evolution of TV and associated viewing behaviors. The television became mainstream sometime in the late 1940s, and about 20 years later we had color TV to entertain us. Then came cable TV in the ‘70s, along with HBO and the list of specialty cable channels that grew and grew (and still does!). The availability of so many options was probably the precursor to today’s TV programming that offers hundreds and hundreds of choices.

In the 1980s, the home theater market took off now that stereo sound was finally available for broadcast TV. Around this time came another TV behavioral change – time shifting. That’s because the VHS machine was born, offering viewers the opportunity to watch their favorite shows whenever they wanted to. Of course, cable and satellite TV offer digital video recording nowadays, so time shifting remains a strong option.

Today’s Smart TV allows us to stream programming from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other sources. Comcast Infinity already offers voice-command control, and 80-inch TVs are becoming more popular, but still pricey, and controlling programming choice form mobile devises is becoming more friendly and available. Then there’s 4K uber high-resolution, offering an amazing level of sophistication and visual distinction.

Along with the physical and technological changes of television, advertising via TV continues to evolve. While TV ads were once loaded with straightforward information, these days we see a hell of a lot more clever and humorous ideas. That’s because that is how many people fill their days – with entertainment.

Many industry experts expect television to continue to be a popular choice for years to come. From Super Bowl Sunday parties, to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade annual tradition to watch live, to presidential-hopefuls’ debates, there are plenty of viewers still ensconced in the family room watching their favorites any time of day or night.

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