(October 2015) — We are proud to be big winners in the 2015 International Davey Awards in recognition of creative work done on behalf of five clients. The awards honor the achievements of the “Creative Davids” – smaller ad agencies who derive their strength from big ideas rather than dizzying budgets.

The agency won:

Gold Award – Gulfshore Homes Brochure: Gulfshore Homes used the brochure as a “meet and greet” opportunity to be introduced to top executives of a well-known holding company that operates a global car-rental business. The brochure showcased a portfolio of custom home photos that showed the builder’s expertise. Each portfolio was a composition of a signed, limited-edition print portrayed in a 24-inch by 20-inch package featuring a gold plate with the company logo on the front cover.

Silver Award – Modern Services Fleet: This company’s truck fleet was just one of the touchpoints that received new graphical treatment as part of an overall company re-branding. The fleet was wrapped in the new “The MOD Squad – Modern On Demand” theme, a fast-response team available 24/7 for any issues consumers may have with their air-conditioning and heating, electrical and plumbing, as well appliance repair needs.

Silver Award – Ampilizer Print Campaign, Green/Eco-friendly: This startup business offering a power optimizer that guarantees savings on energy for homes and businesses hired the agency to launch the company. Spiro & Associates named the company and the product, and created a logo and an advertising campaign suitable across a variety of mediums.

Silver Award – Fusion Metalworks Integrated Campaign, Business to Business: The Agency completely rebranded Fusion as it was quickly growing from a small welding shop to a specialized metalworks firm recognized as a leader in the industry in South Florida. Marketing materials included new logo, ads, video scripting, pocket folder and fliers. The agency also provided ongoing public relations services.

Silver Award – EcoVerde Brochure, Marketing Effectiveness: This one-of-a-kind brochure was created for a division of a high-end interior design studio and furniture gallery. Oversized and with 18 pages, the brochure depicts high-quality green products that support economic development while reinforcing the need for natural conservation, sound environmental management, and material sustainability opportunities. The back “page” of the brochure is made from 1/2-inch-thick acrylic floor tiling integrated with a recycled bamboo design.

“The Davey Awards is a prestigious competition, and we love that it represents the fact that smaller agencies’ ideas can be just as good, if not better, then the Goliaths of the world,” said Christopher T. Spiro, CEO and president.