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(February 2016) – Twenty students enrolled in the STEM program at Mariner High School in Cape Coral participated in a “Storyboard Your Personal Brand” seminar at Spiro & Associates. Chris Spiro led the presentation followed by the students’ hands-on activities that explored their personal brand and how to use that knowledge in their everyday lives and future careers.

After the presentation, the @MarinerTritons students created a storyboard of images and words that showcased their perception of their personal brand. Each student then gave their own presentation about their brand to the group using the storyboard to illustrate their points. Agency staff evaluated each presentation and gave thoughtful and helpful advice on the presenters’ style, poise and communication skills.

@LeeSchools Science, Technology, Engineering and Math off-campus pursuits like these offer students the opportunity to tie-in real world business activities with in-class coursework. See STEM@Work to learn more.