STEM Rules!

(March 2016) — Spiro & Associates hosted another presentation for students enrolled in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs at Cape Coral High School and Ida S. Baker High School.

Students immersed themselves in a hands-on activity that focused on their personal brand. This “old-school” exercise had each student cut out words and graphics from magazines – words and images that represent their lives and lifestyles – and paste them onto a board. One by one, students then presented their personal brand board verbally to the rest of the group.

The activity not only assists students in learning about themselves, about how they see themselves and how others may see them, but also to get to know their peers a little better. The Brand Architects® at Spiro served as judges in reviewing each presentation, assigning scores for characteristics such as organization, poise and demeanor, and communication skills.

This is the first time School District of Lee County faculty members joined the students in creating their own personal brand board since the program began at Spiro & Associates in 2013. Today marked the final STEM@Work session at Spiro for this school year, and we look forward to the fall for the next class to join us!