Spiro & Associates 25 Year Anniversary

If you’re reading this, you are officially part of Spiro & Associates’ 25th anniversary celebration! As a reward, the Brand Architects™ present you with a new brand-story-based website that was launched to inspire visitors to tell their brand story in a verbal, visual and virtual way … just as CEO/Chief Creative Officer Christopher Spiro set out to do two-plus decades ago. Keep in mind, though, this site is a lot more than a brand story — it’s a fresh, modern, uncluttered, fun domain for clever copy and arresting graphics. It demonstrates our uniqueness and creativity, as well as unveils our culture in a way that previous sites have not — via copywriting, design and collaboration prowess.


Our Brand Story


First things first, take a look at our website’s new homepage. There, you will find a collaborative video that includes the history of the firm, as well as a breakdown of story-centric periods and how Spiro & Associates can apply their creative to brands in need — maybe to help businesses and start-ups like yours by applying  our trademarked AmperBranding® brand evolution methodology.

Spiro and Waites

So, who are the handsome gentlemen on this video? Well, there is our very own Chris Spiro; retired Creative Director and original Partner at Spiro & Waites, William Waites; retired Partner and Creative Director at Spiro & Waites and Spiro & Associates, Steve Martin (not to be confused with the white-haired actor often found alongside Martin Short); and retired Partner at Spiro & Waites and Spiro & Associates, Steve “Colonel” Nance. And last but not least, there is Rejean Germain, an award-winning videographer and owner of High Fidelity Studios whose state-of-the-art production company produced this most compelling content.


Website Essence

The portfolio pages of the website are surrounded by Agency-designed campaigns, logos and case studies of current and former clients/work. These pages, along with the site as a whole, offer a progressive understanding of the Spiro & Associates culture that we cleverly named “SASS.”

Chris Spiro Paper Bag

The essence of this term shines through on never-before-seen images of staff and leadership. All 16 are found donning decorative paper bags that provide you clues to which Brand Architect you will be reading about and vanish to reveal each person’s brand story. These stories are introduced with titles that sum-up each staff member’s personality and explain how said personality helps him or her tackle every campaign with a tailor-made strategy.

SASS Culture Manual

Finally, we decided to share our SASS culture manual with the world. It states the Agency core values, client and internal approach, and origination. I guess you can say that our best-kept secrets are out!


How We Pulled It Off

So, just how did Spiro & Associates pull off such an innovative concept as this brand-story-based site? Under the cover of darkness, of course. The previous website faded to black just days before the official launch as a way of piquing users’ interest. Four e-blasts also paid tribute to the brains behind 25 years-worth of campaigns and renowned brand-based projects via a narrative from Spiro himself and sneak peeks of the website’s face-lift.

But don’t waste any more time – leave the campaign process up to us, and check out the new, improved and highly anticipated SpiroAndAssociates.com. And be on the lookout for never-before-seen campaigns centered around this most-special silver anniversary.