About Apple Development

Apple Development was the builder of attached villas in the Eden neighborhood of The Strand, a gated golf and country club community in Naples, Fla. The Agency was hired to create a brand and subsequent marketing campaign for the neighborhood. Borrowing from the developer’s name, the marketing direction was established to focus on apples. The tasty fruits campaign began with naming the model homes to be built, each one taking one a variety of apples, including Braeburn, Jonagold, Fuji, Gala and Pearmain.

The logo took the shape of a stylized apple tree displaying one tantalizing red apple, and was applied to all the components of the campaign to build the “Apple” name and brand. The marketing campaign included print ads with headlines “It’s Apple picking season at Eden” and “Pick the Apple that’s right for you.”

The Agency also created brochures, including a cleverly designed “The Fruits of Eden” sales brochure that introduced prospective homebuyers to Eden’s model homes. The “cover presented the reader with a mouthwatering image of succulent apples, and upon lifting the spiral-bound cover, the reader was introduced to the community. Among the first things the reader sees is the headline that suggests to prospective homebuyers that they should not wait if they wish to reside in this sought-after neighborhood because “only 55 of these delicious opportunities will be offered to savor the good life at Eden.” The brochure also included a delectable apple recipe with an accompanying photo of the dish for each model home. The brochure was distributed in the front pocket of a red apron bearing the Eden logo. The builder and sales staff commented that rarely did prospects and visitors fail to remark on this unique marketing piece.