The Challenge

Dr. James Croley, founder and director of the Cataract & Refractive Institute of Florida, has been a renowned eye surgeon in Southwest Florida since 1980. Since opening his first practice in our region, he has been very active in the development of new advances in ophthalmology. Dr. Croley has traveled extensively across the nation and overseas, consulting with his peers to promote excellence in eye care. He became a client of the agency in 2004, turning to us for print ads and brand identity elements to better establish his practice in the market.

Just as with any successful, long-running campaign, the Cataract & Refractive brand needed to be refreshed to reflect the organization accurately and maintain the brand image of a leader. The practice had expanded to multiple locations and adopted new leading-edge technologies and surgical procedures for cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, Lasik, macular degeneration and ocular surface treatment. He tasked the agency with evolving his brand across a wide spectrum of media.

The Solution

In the Cataract & Refractive Institute of Florida’s most pervasive branding components—print and banner ads—we created a new, softer visual grid and pastel color palette, selected to be soothing for an audience that is likely anxious about their vision problems. We used images that were cleaner, more modern in style and without background motifs or watermark effects. We gradually infused more color into the print campaign, adding visual impact and improving reader response rates.

The narratives highlighted practice events, medical honors, new technologies and other points of differentiation.We also folded the new look, feel and “personality” of the brand into targeted 30-second TV spots that focused on Dr. Croley’s distinct advantages—specifically, advanced techniques for procedures like cataract surgery.

The Results

In addition to building immediate region-wide name and brand recognition for what was once a single-location practice, the agency successfully maintained a 13-year partnership with Dr. Croley, whose practice expanded to three locations, until he made the decision to bring all marketing and branding efforts in-house. Portions of the branding campaign we created for them are still in use on their website at

“Dr Croley, Dr Croley, Dr Croley” TV Spot (2011)

“Noninvasive” TV Spot (2004)

“Attention, Attention, Restore Lens” Tv Spot (2006)

“Better Now? Better Now? Better Now?” TV Spot (2007)

“Precision Cataract” TV Spot (2012)

“LipiFlow” TV Spot (2013)