About Chris-Tel Construction

Chris-Tel Construction, launched in 1989, builds large-scale, commercial, industrial and transportation-related projects. Some of their larger scale vertical projects include improvements to Hammond Stadium at CenturyLink Sports Complex in Fort Myers; the North Fort Myers Recreation Center; and Eastern Metal Supply, also in Florida. Collectively, the projects resulted in more than 500,000 square feet of restoration and new construction. Chris-Tel also was awarded a large-scale transportation infrastructure project for Estero Boulevard Improvements in Fort Myers Beach. It was that road project that Chris-Tel hired the Agency for public relations services.

The Brand Architects® at Spiro were asked to create a video for a public presentation that would update residents of Fort Myers Beach about the construction work and how it would proceed. A project of this magnitude in a town where there is only one main road in and out needed to show residents and business owners how the project would affect their lives. The challenge to overcome was the short timeframe we had – about seven days.

Spiro & Associates, a videographer business partner and an animation business partner teamed up to game plan, gather the information needed, write the script and have it approved, drive the boulevard to shoot video footage, animate the entire package, get it approved at several levels, and then deliver it to the client at the requested time. We successfully completed this vigorous project by deadline, and it was a wild success at the public presentation. There are plans in the works to update the video at some point to make it even more comprehensive.