The Challenge

A leading commercial and residential concrete construction company was looking to expand its operations. Based in Fort Myers, FL, the company specializes in slabs, cast-in-place, masonry, tie beams, driveways and sidewalks, truss setting, roof sheathing and wood framing. Known for its quality and turnkey service in completing the building envelope, the company was presented with an opportunity to work with investors to finish single-family homes in full. Upon entering this segment of the home building business, the company quickly realized that it had a niche with its value-focused product. With the business growing substantially, company ownership wanted to develop a new brand identity for the expanded business and separate it from parent company’s current operations. Ownership developed a name for the new entity using the middle names of the owner and his father. Christopher Alan Homes was born and the Client was ready to begin branding and promoting the company. Due to the longevity of parent company’s relationship with Spiro & Associates, they hired the Agency to develop and execute a marketing campaign to establish Christopher Alan Homes’ brand identity and promote the company as a premier Southwest Florida home builder, primarily in Cape Coral.


The Solution 

The Brand Architects™ took on the challenge and began with developing a logo that was clean and simple, yet elegant. Inspired by the color palette the Agency used to create the parent company’s logo years ago, the Brand Architects incorporated script font calligraphy and tied in the navy blue and white color scheme along with a steel gray hue to give the logo a classy and sophisticated look.

To accompany the logo, the Brand Architects developed a positioning line that spoke to Christopher Alan Homes’ target audience. As the selling point of the brand is, that homeowners get more home and more space for their hard-earned money, the Agency felt the best statement that captured this idea was: More Room to Live. More Home to Love.

Next, the Agency went to work to develop a website that represented the brands unique approach to home building, with a look and feel that indicated elegant, but affordable. The website layout infused the clean, crisp color palette utilized in the logo. It featured copy in English, with an option for Spanish, and showcased the company’s models and floor plans along with other services such as financing and warranty.

To round out marketing efforts, the Agency developed a series of collateral pieces that the company utilized as takeaways for prospective homeowners, including a series of corporate brochures and a pocket folder containing product inserts that highlighted available models, floor plans and features.

Other key elements developed to help promote the new brand included various digital billboards, print ads, direct mail collateral and stationery.



The Result

The campaign is still in effect and has been very successful. The Client is happy with the results and is seeing an uptick in new business, as well as prospective new business. The website is performing well and driving visitors to inquire about purchasing a home as indicated by the following metrics:

8,485 new users to the website in less than one year

25-plus visitors to the website per day

2.6% of visitors convert to prospective homeowners

The digital billboard campaign and the print ads are both significantly increasing traffic to the company website, as well as bringing new clients to the Cape Coral office location.

Overall, the campaign has generated an enormous amount of interest, as well as a successful conversion rate to new homeowners.