LCEC created a new program whereby customers could track their daily energy usage online. The new kiloWATCH initiative would allow customers to see the number of kilowatts used and approximate cost. It also included and a temperature chart overlay that shows how weather effects energy usage. The cooperative needed a name for the program and a method to market it to customers with the goal of increasing customer usage over time.


The Agency created a name, logo and a campaign to bring this new program to market. “Put the Power in Your Hands” highlighted the benefits that customers have with the power not only to track their daily usage but also to have alerts sent to them when they exceeded their pre-set kilowatt usage. The idea was to put them in control of how to effectively use energy. Executions included TV, print ads, rack brochure and a statement insert.


Customer usage of kiloWATCH continues to increase as the campaign has been brought into peoples’ homes in the most effective ways. LCEC customers who signed up for the free account now have a better understanding of their electric usage and how it affects their monthly electric bill. There have also been new accounts of the kiloWATCH, helping to further our marketing.