*Mobile App is still under development.

About Pregnancy Approved

In 2015, Spiro & Associates, working with our digital partner Knox Business Solutions LLC, was hired to design and develop a custom web and mobile application known as Pregnancy Approved. The app, which is ready to launch in early 2016, will allow users to scan over-the-counter prescription UPC codes to see whether the medicine is OK to take while pregnant. The app then queries a database of codes and returns one of three results: The item is pregnancy approved, or the item is not pregnancy approved, please consult your physician before using this product. Pregnancy Approved is a subscription-based application with three user types: physician, administrator and patient. Native mobile applications are being built for both Apple iOS and Android operating systems. As with many projects at Spiro & Associates, the Pregnancy Approved idea was brought to us to develop from a friend of the Agency’s CEO.