About Riverside Behavior Center

When Spiro & Associates took on the responsibility for advertising and marketing of Riverside Behavioral Center in Port Charlotte, FL, the client was having trouble maintaining a profitable census. Research indicated there was a lack of awareness of the facility among newcomers to the community (a large percentage of any Florida community’s population) and bad publicity that had tarnished the center’s image among those who were aware of it.

A strategy was developed to spread the word that RBC was uniquely equipped to care for patients with geriatric alcoholism, geriatric drug abuse, geriatric depression and geriatric anxiety. With the largest proportion of older adults in the state, this was an opportune product offering. At the same time, these are problems that are often subject to denial by the patient and his or her loved one, both members of the target group.

The theme line, “Help for those without hope,” was created to consistently communicate a combined recognition of the despair associated with the problems and the possibility that they could be helped at RBC.

Two television commercials were produced. One dealt with geriatric alcoholism and was designed to dramatize the consequences when this problem remains untreated. The second was designed to help loved ones who care for patients with depression understand that it is a real problem, not just something someone can “snap out of.” Supporting newspaper ads were run.

Within two months of the commencement of the advertising RBC asked to have the campaign suspended as they rapidly reached capacity resulting in a waiting list situation. The advertising was reinstated as beds became available. The advertising won awards from the Healthcare Marketing Institute and the Florida Public Relations Association.