About Schneider Centre for Plastic Surgery

In a market filled with ‘me-too’ marketing by a host of cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Marc S. Schneider’s practice in Fort Myers, Fla., needed something to set it apart from the pack. Through the tasteful use of a model (and a patient) we created a distinctive television spot that made the finished ‘product’ (a more attractive appearance) the star. An artful series of scenes underscored by a poetic verse and a piano score end as the woman stands, butterfly wings appear and the fully developed butterfly flutters off. The spot draws a subtle parallel between the process of cosmetic surgery and the transformation undergone by a butterfly, implying that both processes result in enhanced grace and beauty.
Soon after the spot began airing, Dr. Schneider experienced a significant increase in inquiries and procedure bookings and increased awareness of his practice within the community.