So, You Want a New Website?
So, you want a new website, huh? Well, Spiro & Associates has a team of web developers who are just the people for the job. But even the most experienced development gurus cannot point your business in the right direction without some insight from the brains behind the operation. First, YOU must determine why you need or want a website and then, how success is measured. And a piece of advice before the brainstorming begins — do not answer right away. Take your time, do it right like the R & B song says. When the questions become too complex to handle, that’s where The Brand Architects™ come in.

Defining Why
We all know the five W’s — Who, What, Where, When and Why. When it comes to building a website, you start by asking two — Why and What — before prioritizing those actionable steps. Will this website:
• Drive potential clients to your business and convert them to clients?
• Reach customers with your business information?
• Let your customers vet you for their service needs or products?
• Let you vet customers to fit your services and products to their needs?
• Gather sales leads?
• Create a channel to sell directly to your customers?
• Do a combination of all the above?

Regardless of what you choose to focus on when it comes to your website, the site must do something — act as a brochure of information, take orders, book appointments, generate call/e-mail/meeting leads, sell products and the list goes on.

Measuring Success
Whatever this “Do” is, it must be measurable. The ultimate metric is a sale, and if you choose to gear your website toward sales, the next question is:
• For how much?
• How will you fulfill?
• How will you ship?
• How will you accept payment?

Other metrics include:
• Quality traffic
• How long someone stays on the site
• Calls generated via a call tracking number
• E-mails generated

But beware of vanity metrics of big numbers, but low value:
• Social media followers outside of your customer demographics or psychographics
• Website visitors who do not stay long or only visit a single webpage

When you know what you want your website to do and how success will be measured, selecting the content to display on your website is that much easier. Consider how your clients will look for information and take action on your site. The calls to action will be based on the metrics you choose — buy a product, book an appointment, call us, e-mail us, what have you. Another type of call to action is an enticement, such as free information regarding your subject matter expertise (people love things that are free) or a newsletter.

And please do not forget to include basic business information:
• Name of company and people to contact
• Phone number
• Address(es)
• E-mail(s)

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to implementation, and Spiro & Associates would be more than happy to discuss them with you BEFORE establishing the building blocks to your website. A site is only as good as what YOU want it to do and say, and we look forward to helping your business find success starting in cyberspace. For more information, call (239) 481-5511 and ask to speak with a member of our web design and development team.