While Spiro & Associates is a for-profit agency, we cherish every opportunity to be able to serve the community that has shown us incredible amounts of love over the last 30 years. And what better way for a team of creatives to give back than to develop a concept that would trigger donations for a local fundraiser? The Client is Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC) of Southwest Florida, and after channeling an initiative that brought in $30,000 in less than 45 minutes during the organization’s 20th anniversary fundraiser, Spiro & Associates was back at it during the first quarter of 2018 — delivering marketing collateral, raising money and making a profound difference.

The Gift of Giving Through Branding

Let’s rewind the tape a bit, though. Last year, Chris Spiro put his RMHC marketing committee participation skills to the test when he volunteered to develop a start-to-finish concept for said local fundraiser. “Eat.Clay.Love.” — inspired by the popular movie, Eat.Pray.Love., as well as to indicate a gala dinner — called on local dignitaries, as well as many Agency clients and friends, to custom paint and glaze a piece of original art for a live auction that included Ronald McDonald House tours, music, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and a buffet-style dinner in a clear tent under the stars. After generating significant initial success, mostly through those with “celebrity status,” the Agency replayed that success.


“Eat.Clay.Love…again!” raised over $36,000 with the help of Agency staff and 21 eye-catching, serving-platter-works-of-art. They were hand-painted by Randall Henderson, the one and only Mayor of Fort Myers; Rebekah MacFarlane-Barney, Chief Operating Officer of Prima Luce; Sawyer Smith, attorney for Wilbur Smith Attorneys at Law; Rich Castiano, owner of the “World Famous” Cigar Bar; Shannon Yates, co-owner and Executive Chef at Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery, Beastie Bar, Animal House Swine & Cocktail Bar, and Danger Danger; Ronald McDonald, the man, myth and legend; and one Mr. Spiro, among many others. Platters displayed everything from an alligator to Winne the Pooh to Mona Lisa smoking a cigar. Chris paid tribute to Ronald McDonald by painting himself wearing a red nose, accompanied by a play on words and his official signature. This ceramic was auctioned off as planned.


More Than Ceramics

Everything that Spiro & Associates takes on is about so much more than the campaign at hand — and “Eat.Clay.Love…again!” is no exception to the Agency rule. RMHC is a source of comfort for families facing severe medical difficulties. These ceramics generated enthusiasm around a hallmark event, yes, but they are also marked as a permanent reminder that anyone can touch someone else’s life, even if it takes a highly unique approach to do so. The Brand Architects™ live to flesh out lightbulb moments — and this was a big one that we can see, touch and feel all at the same time. Aren’t we the lucky ones?!