The Brand Architects™

Chances are you’ve seen our work, but didn’t know it was ours. Or someone you know knows our work. Or maybe you know our work because you worked with us before.  But you’ve likely never met us, the people behind it. Except maybe Christopher. He tends to go out a lot, make a spectacle of himself and throw his business card around. Oh, geez… maybe you met Christopher and he told you. No matter why you’re here, we hope you’re pleased to meet us.

Each Brand Architect not only brings a unique skillset and outstanding marketing expertise, but also a one-of-a-kind personality that allows them to shine professionally.

Christopher Spiro

President & Chief Executive Officer

> Why He Thinks He’s Cool

Lynsey Gill

Senior Art Director & Director of Operations

> How She Stays Happy

Robert Armstrong

Creative Director

> Just Who Does He Think He Is

Don Gross

Media Director

> Why the FCC Loves Him

Kendall Carson

Senior Account Executive

> How A Health Care Guru Saves The Day

Lauren Nutter

Account Executive

> How a Buckeye Discovered SWFL

Gail Gubelman

Senior Art Director

> Why She Keeps Coming Back

Mark Heideman

Senior Art Director

> What Gets Him Running

Hope Lewis

Junior Account Executive

> How She Lives Up to Her Name

Brittany McCormick

Social Media Digital Marketing Manager

> Why She’s Worth Tweeting About

Kandice Hayes

Senior Public Relations Specialist

> How She Tumbled For Us

Kaitlin Sherman

Public Relations Specialist

> Why A Happy Valley Girl Is Here

Jeffrey Abbott

Software Engineer & Senior Web Developer

> Why He’ll Rule the Planet

Jason Zulauf

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

> What Makes a Giant Talent

Jesse Robinson

Software Engineer & Web Developer

> How He Stays So Trim

April Mellott

Bookkeeper & Assistant Media Planner

> Why A Tiger Works For A Gator

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