Meet Patricia Crump, our social media marketing-savvy Brand Architect™, appropriately titled Social Media Digital Marketing Specialist — yes, we like to think of ourselves as highly original and incredibly creative when we pick these names. Patricia seems to like it, and why not? — it is the very topic she studied at Florida Gulf Coast University and the career path she chose even before she found her way to our doorstep. And although she seriously debated selecting another field of interest back in high school, we have since forgiven her brief lapse in judgement, which now makes for an anecdote that we would not be so quick to tell at the next cocktail party. But because we are so psyched that you made it to our Facebook page and website and have not looked back yet, we will reward you accordingly.


Math Nerd Turned Content Creator

So, here’s how it goes — during her teen years, Patricia fell in love with numbers and their functions. In fact, she discovered that she not only liked it, but was quite good at it. She was just about to take up aeronautical engineering as a college major — I know, right? — when Patricia decided that she needed some fun in her life and opted for a Bachelor of Science in marketing (that’s more like it).

Now that we have gotten the story of Patricia’s dark past off our chest, it is time for some good news. After her graduation from FGCU, she took a job with Moore & Scarry Advertising, creating social media content, digital campaigns and ads for automotive clients. Then, living by the philosophy that variety is the spice of life, Patricia joined Spiro & Associates, where she now works for companies in industries that range from medical, to real estate, to government, to aviation, and the list goes on. But if you think that the only things on Patricia’s radar are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the like, you are missing out on getting to know quite the bubbly character.


All Roads Lead to Fort Myers

Patricia has had a very busy travel schedule the past few years — so busy that she managed to miss all of Hurricane Irma’s wrath (and yes, we were jealous of her). She has Italy and Greece to thank for that, but even before, it was England, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. What’s next on the list? — she says Thailand, so we are currently building her a suitcase big enough to fit each and every Brand Architect.

No matter where Patricia goes, though, she always finds her way back to her hometown of Fort Myers — or her favorite rollercoasters at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure when she needs a weekend getaway. But someday, we hope she finds her way into some snow flurries, as this girl really needs to experience a white winter sometime before she is 30, no matter what she says about intensely disliking cold weather.


Fun in the Sun

If you are running out of ways to have fun in Southwest Florida, just turn to Patricia. She will direct you to the beach or one of 25 local concerts that she has been to (we hope you like One Direction’s Harry Styles), as well as take you on a tour of every brewery in the entire region. And if you are looking to incorporate workouts into your daily regimen, Patricia can give you some tips that will leave you more than prepared for the next 5K, obstacle course or everyone’s favorite, leg day.

Otherwise, if you want to simply chill out sometime, Patricia can introduce you to her nine-year-old boxer/lab mix named Malibu or turn on a few episodes of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” — go team Leonardo!

But if you want to keep Patricia on your side, just remember, it is not Patti, Pat or Crump … it is Patricia. That may sound formal to some, but to us Brand Architects, it is engaging and conversational, just like the social media posts she creates.