met sydney vermetteMeet Sydney Vermette, another one of our top-notch account executives who ensures our clients’ marketing goals are met while coordinating their projects with other Brand Architects® in the house.

The position suits her just fine and she is well prepped for the type of coordinating, organizing and juggling of responsibilities that comes with the job.

From Family Business to Spiro Business

You might say some of her upbringing makes her a good choice as an account exec as she became a working adult at the age of 12 when her parents decided it was time for her to take over the family’s babysitting responsibility at home in Andover, Minnesota.

Yes, imagine being in charge of five younger siblings! Not that babysitting is part of the Spiro world, but it does require someone who is reliable, caring, trustworthy and responsible — just a few of the characteristics that we love about her.

Meet Sydney Vermette Entrepreneurial Spirit

She also has an entrepreneurial spirit, which sprouted during the babysitting gig as she realized the rate of pay versus the investment of time wasn’t quite adding up. So, in Sydney’s senior year of high school she took on two part-time jobs, discontinued after-school activities, and began preparing for her upcoming four years at St. Cloud State University where she would graduate with a degree in mass communications and public relations.

During that time, Sydney also worked full time at Granite City Food and Brewery, where she put her passion for beer and her promotional prowess to work orchestrating highly successful beer-tapping events every month. And what’s not to like about any event that centers around tapping kegs of brew, right?

After graduation from St. Cloud State University, Sydney fled the cold confines of Minnesota and landed in Southwest Florida. When she’s not at work, one of Sydney’s other passions shines bright: music. She attends music festivals around the United States searching for the next big artist.

With her short haircut, edgy style and hard-working attitude to succeed, Syd fits right in with the rest of the Brand Architects at Spiro & Associates. Come meet Sydney Vermette next time you’re in the shop!