senior art director lynsey.jpgWe knew Senior Art Director Lynsey would be a great fit with the other Brand Architects here at Spiro & Associates after meeting her in 2013 when she was recruited to come onboard.

Lynsey works with her creative peers to solidify the clients’ vision of “the big idea.”

In addition to her art direction duties, Lynsey has moved into our Director of Operations position, helping The Brand Architects® to keep its creative architectural focus on attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Artsy Crafty

Lynsey always had a big appetite for arts and crafts of all sorts, and was particularly driven by her art teachers in grade school. She always strived to make the highest grades, going as far as taking the simplest school projects to the next level. And for all her artistic efforts, she won many awards at county fairs in Broward County.

 senior art director lynsey mugsAt home, Lynsey takes full advantage of removing herself from a computer screen and unwinding with a glass of wine and some paint. That’s when you will find her designing her “SASS by the Glass” hand-painted wine glasses that make it an interesting and fun way to sip a white or a red. Or maybe painting a stool, coffee mugs or other works of non-business-related art.

We all know Lynsey’s strong passion for excellence in artistry both on and off the job — like her Edison Festival of Light creative — is definitely a style she will forever enjoy and excel at.

Senior Art Director Lynsey’s Street Cred

Before joining Spiro & Associates, Lynsey was an art director at The Zimmerman Agency in Tallahassee for five years, and a graphic designer at Peter Mitchell Associates for three years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Florida State University, and was also a student at Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center, the top creative school for art direction in Atlanta, Georgia.

So if you’re looking for top-notch artistry for your marketing campaigns, come talk to any of our art directors. But if you want personalized stemware with personality, you’ve got to talk to Lynsey.